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A team of experienced designers who eat, drink, and breathe design. Having several years of collective experience in the design and infrastructure industry, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and strong company ethos. At Expertise, we have inherited the core values of Assurance, Transparency and Sincerity from our parent company, ATS Infrastructure Ltd. There is a continued tradition of extending best-in-class services from the heart to our clients. 


Represented by exquisite craftsmanship and a wealth of experience, the future we shape holds a tradition of stone-etched excellence. Beyond the world of architecture and interiors, we create a habitat for our clients that echoes artistry. We weave bespoke stories and give rise to your dream space, reflecting your sentiments.           


We work with you, by your side, on your side.


We are your partners in aesthetics.

We Are Experts In

Interior Design 

Our interior design services are focused on creating aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic spaces that reflect our clients' personal styles and preferences. Our team of experienced designers will collaborate with you to conceptualise and execute a design that is tailored to your needs and aesthetics.


Our architecture services encompass the design and planning of new structures, as well as the renovation and remodelling of existing ones. Our team of accomplished architects will work in tandem with you to craft a design that is not only visually striking but also attuned to the functional requirements of the space.


Our landscape architecture services include designing and planning outdoor spaces such as gardens, farmhouses, backyards and other areas. Our team of experienced landscape architects will collaborate with you to create a design that is not only visually stunning but also enhances the functionality of the outdoor space. 

Planning Consultancy

We excel at providing expertise to spaces by incorporating functionality and aesthetics. This, after an insightful collaboration with our clients, leads to an artistic evaluation of their needs and translates on the bespoke mood board.  

Turnkey Projects

Expertise is adept at doing it all for you except the part where you decide what mirrors your dream space! Once you share your vision with us, you can relax and only give us inputs at regular intervals, as we translate your vision on 3D representation, make the plans, help decide the palate, the theme and after fine tooth execution hand over the key. 

Project Management

The key barometer for our success lies in the design experience we offer our clients. We leverage our expertise in our skill and sense of aesthetics and architecture and underpin everything we do for our clients, end to end, with a sterling customer service that is pure delight.

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